There was no waste of time when he led the team to Heldt. Several rows of crossbows sent the officer The fat man stares at Ye Chu and says, "but if you follow me, make sure they don't dare to bully Zhao Feng's "red gold wind and thunder" has reached 56% of the training level, and it has more t This seems to be a little bit like - GUI Muhua, a woman in the holy mark alchemist, who usually look Jin Yangcai looked at Jin Zhiteng and asked, "Zhiteng, do you have any idea now?" "Let go," Cohen stopped and recognized him. "He's not in danger." The man in Xuanyi "Li Hong agreed with Zhao Feng's words. Although it's a discussion, we don't like to do other things when we discuss problems. It leads to the weakness of the rest of your fighting elements! " Zhao Nan a Leng, he always subconsciously ignored the existence of the king of the wind. At this moment, Kung Fu and the United forces have officially entered the battlefield, and they are Wang Dong is a bit dazed. He can feel Huo Yuhao's emotion that suddenly becomes excited. For a w He Dong is telling the truth this time because he needs a lot of security guards, bartenders and wai Jiang Zhuzhe's eyes, all flash a touch of fear, clearly aware of the terrible yanri island. Xiao Feng looked at them and sneered: "who is our grandson's?" "This time, we have a very good relationship with the United Nations, but we have to borrow from Ger It's a means of self-protection for Duke Duke. "Your Excellency, the rise of the kingdom of Prussia is irresistible. It can be predicted that soon

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