Commander Sun said to the division commander who led the team today. The commander also came out wit "I plan to go back to Lantian in the afternoon. Maybe I won't be here these days." Therefore, Wang xuanyang's illusory puppets did not pose a great threat to the Chutian river. Wang Yan took a look at fenghanzi and said with disdain: "we have no way to go. Do you have a way? D Murong Yu pretended to be respectful and replied. Wind and rain Chen is right and strong to say. These people speak with awe inspiring righteousness, but which one is not greedy and peeps at the wa Liu Che, who is also immortal, looks at Zichen's back and says. But maybe they can be made of light here Feeling that the power to stop him disappeared, Santa Cassie rushed up and hugged Santo fi. But when they look down, they look forward to it. The snake of chaos slowly stood up and walked out of the temporary stronghold. Although I was defeated in my heart, I was not strict with Lu Bao. Yang Kai stepped forward, glancing at the faces of the elders and seven brothers in the family, sayi Smile to, the emperor and Mu Lan, seemingly very harmonious, in fact, they are using each other! This man is a rare loyal minister in recent years. Good! The young man in black turned away at once. "Brother Han, this man can't be trusted!"

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