However, in Hualian's eyes, this room is as terrible as the graveyard of her life. "Seventeen of them have been reunited here. If we count the number of soldiers who have just arrived This group of people are a little special, each of them is gray haired, looks old, dressed beautiful The emperor's eyes fell on Fang Qing's body, and he suddenly realized that this was the stra The general armed forces were like air in front of them. Li Yunxiao knew that Feini would not easily say such words if he was not sure. His heart beat for a Dongfang Qian's voice with a little smile said: "I just did not go, you came out of course I saw Because, his stimulation is not only from the immortal, but also from Li Hao! Not only he knows, but also the people around him. At this time, Ye Ming simply said that no reporter dared to ignore or question. She quickly followed the breath and explored the past. On the ground near that place, there are still some traces of blood that have not dried up. If human beings are like this, what about fierce animals? For collection, the results of the new period is very important, we must collect more support ah! Ling Shuang's eyes were red and her body was trembling. "Queen, you must be mistaken. I was born "Let's not say what's the point. When can we get in? That's the key." Although the eyes of fate cannot predict God, with the help of God's eyes, they have the possibi Since the reconnaissance camp is well prepared, we will know the nature of these assassins very earl

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