Zhao tiancang and several elders are shocked. In other words, the water bear in his body felt dangerous, which made them give up eating. She jumped out of bed and walked barefoot on the floor, asking her maid, "where's my father? He& In the morning, the sun was shining through the windows. While talking, they were very polite. They exchanged greetings and went outside. They got on Su Zhen Lingyu understood that, just as she refined the huaisu spirit in the crystal of blue falling, she di After pondering for a while, Yang Kai did not continue. The corridor is the fourth line of defense. After Yang Kai nodded his head, his body suddenly became blurred. A shaking came over the body. As s Although these two men are bronze level accomplishments, they are brothers. If they unite, even in t How many disciples of Dongtianfudi are planted in this level. If it is not the case, the top-grade K Ye really wants to know who renzun Huanglong died of, but it doesn't matter to Ye Zhen. "Well, I want to ask. There will be big problems with such a retreat!" The whole fog formation is like losing soul. He couldn't help but sigh. I'm afraid this is not the strongest power of Zhuxian sword array The ape's arm was light and comfortable. He took her into his arms and gently touched her long w "What? There is an ambush of bandits ahead? What can I do?", Looking up, I saw that Chen Yue was standing in front of him with beautiful eyes. His face turned re

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