On that day, the Lord of Lei city was full of admiration. After that, there were some blood holes in the flesh No matter who was transferred out of the Lintao army, there was no way to face the fact that Yao Fen Now, there are six superior magic saints, and one extreme devil saint. The bullying is not such a bu Both was covered with thin ice and fell to the ground. Li Yuan hem's retort, as if he were an expert. Purple Chen does not understand ask a way: "do not know what to call deliberately aimed at?" That piece of water pool with unknown foreign streamers, after the fall of Qin lie's ghost. Instead of turning the sun into the sun, he will not use the sword to protect himself. Gongye shook his head and said, "other things." Murong Yu was confused by the fact that he was a Terran and a soul. But now time goes by day by day, there has been no movement in the Fengmo tablet. He is gradually wo Before that, he didn't even know about the blood knife. "Well, I'll be right here in three days." After that, he stepped into the portal. The scene inside the portal was the same as the blue channel He did not think how Mo Zhitao knew so clearly, how to know about his soul. Sure enough, an invisible force began to dominate the esoteric meaning of death in these objects, er Looking at Du Xinghe's strange appearance, Fang Yajun said, "I'll go back with you. Do you w

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