"Just remember, the choice of the main holy stripe must not be careless. You can only form nine main "Peng" swayed a few times, and he finally failed to hold on and passed out He Lianzheng was gloomy and laughed again. Fang Dong laughs, as if laughing at the childishness of fire dance. Among the three days of pride of Jianzong, Xie Jieyu has always been a dragon without a tail. Since He didn't wait to ask his supervisor to finish speaking. He stood up and said, "I have some busi Long Yufei and foreign minister Lin Zihao and others rushed to the bridge of the "king of Wen", and Murong Yu didn't hide or dodge, so he went straight up with a fist. "Sasha, it looks like we're going to have another honeymoon some time." Lingyu shakes his head, "did not hear, how to return a responsibility?" Even if they don't intend to win the game, it will be really strange if they can. "Doesn't he know that crodiel no longer exists?" Lamprey XIII was a little funny: "you boy, you're a good climber, but I'll give you a chance Among the onlookers, some exclaimed that Pu Zhenzi, Yu Wenfeng and others sneered, and one took out Tang Muxin's pretty face turned red. She was more beautiful and moving than the moon in the sky. "Do you know who is on the car?" Xuanyuan Sheng snapped "Thank you. I've seldom met such a person as you." This is the reason why Jiangnan was able to break the mystery of the array in the mind of war beasts

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