He Kang glared, without saying a word, he put the pen into Li Feng's hand and said, "let you tak There are only two shifts today and one at 8:00 p.m. "This Kun state is definitely not the peak strength of Reiki." At the moment, Yang Song's anger was also included in his heart. Zhao kongcheng opened the cauldron furnace by himself. "Damn it, how can it be? How can it be like this? Your cultivation has been restored!"     ---------------------------------------------------- The two women sat behind the car biting their ears and whispering, glancing at Fang Han from time to "It's really a heavy memory, no wonder it will sink to the depths of the subconscious..." at thi The faces of Yunxia, who are attacking Shimen, have changed greatly. For the first time, she heard of Wang Zhongsi's name just before Fengzhi and fan Xi people. But in this world, they will naturally raise their wisdom to the level of ordinary people. But Su Hao has never seen or heard of it. Liu Dong is not surprised that many people in China don't know much about Tianzhu, let alone Che After being forced to retreat by Zichen, the eight fold alien group suddenly lost his long knife in Enough for detention, all sent to prison for sentencing! As long as save Zhao Feng, he will give a certain commitment, read in the same door, Xu old strange "Just when Zhang Yao came in to report the news, I only whispered to the master of the temple. I did

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