A scream came out, and then all the people around the disciple whose consciousness had been erased a Flaming strong disdain said, in front of Zhao Mingyan looks as big as long Aotian, but compared with A wall is sunken, forming a small cave, like a shrine. There is a gold seat full of demon clan style Yang Kai smiles and sips. His cultivation and strength are not as good as that of Da Zun. He can&#39 Tang Yu saw that Xia Shihan was shy and asked jokingly. The creative world and the divine world are equivalent creation, and creation is divided into soul a Under the attack of this tyrant, the power of the God was still as stable as a mountain. Although it Only when she contacted Guo Yujian for a period of time, she found that Guo Yujian was not as good a Thinking of the rules of controlling evil spirit, ye Chushen took a breath of cool air, which was ab "Young master, you are a smart man. If you have a strong background, you should explain it to avoid "Dad, I'll go to the magic Temple later. Don't you want to see your mother?" Yang Kai squints at him and looks at Lu Jing in his heart "Grandmaster, I am willing to die for martyrdom. I wish I could have a good birth after reincarnatio Others said that he offended the leader and asked him to send some affection to the leader, but he j In Mu Shan's room, Liang Sanping meets the tired old man. And at this time, the kind of mental power that this memory heart demon erupts, if seriously, can be The sound of "thump" came into the main hall, but Guo Jiaxing quickly crossed the threshold and walk Ma Yifei is a little excited. This is a shy young man in his twenties and sixties. He seems to have

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